The colours of Water

Water. A tasteless, odourless and colourless liquid, according to Physics.

Clear water is, indeed, transparent, and allows us to see at some depth, especially if we look straight into it. Yet water plays with light. It refracts it, it blocks some wavelengths and allows others to pass and, when we face it at an angle, it becomes a mirror and acquires colour – blue from the sky, slate from the clouds of a passing storm, the pale green of fresh leaves, pink from the breast of flamingos. Fallen beech leaves stain it red, it turns to molten gold every evening, ice and snow transcend the scales of white and blue, fog dons faint colours from the landscape, rainbows sparkle in tiny raindrops and in the mist of waterfalls …

In its miraculous cycle, water is continuously transformed, changing appearances, changing states, changing colours, always reflecting the world around it. And our mood ….