Reflections on Kekrini

This book, second in our series “Unknown Greek Nature”, presents Lake Kerkini, possibly the most important wetland of our country today.

It took more than four years of frequent visits to the wetland, during all seasons, for Nikos Petrou to observe, photograph and record the rare beauty of the area, where wildlife follows its own rhythms, unfamiliar to city-dwellers. This striking, secluded corner of the Greek countryside, unknown to many, is seriously threatened today.

Greece still boasts some of the most important wildlife habitats in Europe, supporting a spectacular diversity of rare species. They represent an important natural resource and they may well become invaluable in the near future – if they survive.

Destruction of the environment is a huge problem of our times, yet to this day we have failed to realise its actual extent. We hope that the beauty of nature as presented in the books of this series may awaken a spar of concern in each one of us.

After all, the responsibility does not lie far away. It exists here, within us.