An Expert’s Guide to Finding the Animals in Etosha

The ultimate guidebook to Etosha and its prolific wildlife, including, for the first time, Western Etosha.

Full of information gathered over countless game drives throughout Etosha by
one of Namibia’s leading safari guides, this book will maximise your chances
of finding the animals, especially if your time in the Park is limited. Illustrated
with 294 photographs, taken during regular dame drives with no special
arrangements, An Expert’s Guide to finding the Animals in Etosha provides:
• Concise facts about the Park’s history, topography, climate and vegetation.
• Information on the Park’s wildlife and advice on the best areas to visit and
the best times to locate different species.
• Detailed descriptions of all 64 waterholes accessible to visitors and what
you may encounter around them.
• Maps.
• Suggested routes and practical tips to plan your game drives.
• Field guide to 184 species of mammals, birds and reptiles you are most
likely to encounter in the Park.